Saturday, October 06, 2007

Rine's farewell party

Ok, another one is leaving now.
It's Rine. One of Indonesians. Her husband, David Cuddon is a General Manager at Sheraton Resort in Pattaya. After quite a long time living in Thailand, now it's time for them to move again. In a few days they will live in Bali, the paradise island. Hemm...what a great place, indeed.
Last night Dudi and me attended their farewell party at Sheraton. The cocktail party started at 6.00 pm. At 5.45 pm, Ita and Martin had dropped their girls off at my house then they went to mbak Rita's house to pick her up. Dudi and me left at 6.30 pm. We arrived at the hotel around 7 pm. Last night the traffic in Pattaya was so bad !!, but we came earlier than Ita.
The hotel is so nice, we dined here several times, not as often as Nia and Lorenz did (when they were still in Pattaya). Ita, Indri and me had breakfast here a couple times.
Rine and David warmly welcomed us. We met a lot of our friends. The party was great. The food was mostly Japanese food. Dudi's favourite not mine, he....he...he.. He enjoyed the food.
As usual we left the party earlier than our friends (obviously, we are not party people, but I like to entertain people at our house).
Thank you Rine and husband for having us, hope you will have a great time in Bali.
Information about the pictures below :
The first and second pictures are : Orr (Thais), Ita, me, Rine Cuddon.
The third picture are Ita, me, Lin (Singaporean) and Anna (Malaysian).