Sunday, April 29, 2007


It was a labor day. Stayed in Bkk for one night. Really nice hotel, lot of good food. Love to go to Bangkok cause they have so much choices. Lots of food which is maybe not halal but still not haram (yg penting nggak makan babi or campur babi or dari babi, thai people adore babi so much. Everything is from itu, Oh God. In fact, you can see itu dimana2, digantung2 or dipajang2 ato diguling2 kaya kambing guling). We did nothing except just relaxing and enjoying the day. Buffet here was awesome. Breakfast or lunch and dinner. No rushing in the morning, I mean me. I'm talking about me. Preparing breakfast and the lunch boxes for 4 heads (my 3 precious kids and 1 honey husband), make sure that the boys brush their teeth, etc.. You know what I'm talking , right. You're a normal and adorable mother, right. The 1 day like this (only asking for one day, that's enough, I mean, once at a time), I really appreciate. The next day would be back to normal. Sure. You know what?, Ok I tell you this, actually I like this duties and.... what??, fact I miss it already, oohh..and soo.. looking forward ??, "I know what I'm gonna do!, I will prepare this..and that.... hhmm... I'm sure my kids gonna like this. Ok in the fridge I have.... Oh..come on... stop it!." ( ngelamun terus baru take 1 day off aja dah banyak ide. Cepet bener segernya yah??).

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Coffee morning

This morning I had Kirsi, Indri, Arry and Ita. I made some cakes. Arry brought her new style roti goreng isi - fried sausage sandwich. Hhmm yum...yum.... everything went well with coffee and tea.
Charu called me in the morning, told me that she couldn't come. Needed to do the final shopping, this..and that... She will move to Shanghai (seems the trend now, a lot of people move to Shanghai) and her flight is..."what time is tomorrow ?", what ??, very very..early morning...??.
We'd eaten the soto ayam komplit before we went to the school - pick up our babies.


Likes to sleep in mommy's and papa's room first......then Dudi or me will move her later to her own room. Actually sometimes Emir does the same too. You can't see him in this picture. Hiding behind the comforter, Oohh..mama that's embarrasing, he said.
Still you can see a lii..ttlee.. bit of his pyjama. He..he..

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Family party

Yesterday we had party at The Cavanough's. Again....?? Yes, Debby and Ken Cavanough had Dudi and me at their house several times. Debby likes to cook and always has a party at her house. But this time the party was for family too. It started from 2.00 pm till...finished. Debby made a farewell party for (one of the executives at Dudi's office) Tobbyn Williams. He's got new promotion in Shanghai-China. Oohh...I will miss Myra Williams soon. Hate to say goodbye to her, she's so nice and funny. I love her.
Debby told me to bring the swimsuits for my kids. So here they were all the kids were swimming. There were 9 children.
My kids really enjoyed the party. Unlike usual, this time Debby didn't cook. She had caterer from Mantra Restaurant-Amari Hotel. The best restaurant in town. Yum...yum.... we could eat all the food. Oh ya and there were some for vegetarians too. Debby is the best. She always thinks her guests. Jeevan family eat only vegetarian food, the Hermantos and the Mc Gratts are muslims. We don't eat pork. Here we were..., Arif ate the pasta and potato gratin again and again, Emir and Farah enjoyed the satay so much. Chicken satay. (in thailand satay is usually pork). Dudi and me tried everything..., well almost, ha..ha..ha...
Oh I forgot. Debby baked a lot of cakes...... and she made my kids to bring home her cakes. Zip lock this... , zip lock that.... really really yum..yum....
scott, allistor, dudi, tobbyn, kris
Lisa, Myra and a chinese lady (forgot the name-Myra's neighbour)
After Bill ( the president director) gave the speech, it was turn for Tobbyn and Myra to talk. So sad. Finished the speech, there it was which everybody's waiting the presents !!.
From The GM office Myra got a Louis Vuitton bag and for Tobbyn he got a traditional thai gong. The Gong is quite big and heavy. The gong is a GM Thailand's tradition, given for somebody who finished their assigment in Thailand. From the executives they got a replica miniature of the "Thai Royal Barge". It is really beautiful with gold color. They've got so many beautiful presents from everybody.
Hope, they're more than happy
for not going back to the
US yet.
Seemed everybody made an effort for this party. All of the invited guests were here. Including the GM guys from Bkk.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Songkran in Pattaya

Yesterday was the songkran celebration for pattaya people !. Hmmm.... dangerous !. Supposed just stay at home. But I needed to go to the doctor. To avoid the unbelieveable trafic we took the small road (jln tikus) to go to the hospital.
I don't like the way Thais celebrate their summer holiday. They like to throw water everywhere and to everybody. Even if you like you can throw a galon of water to the police in the street!!. No one gets angry. Everybody just smiles... or you can laugh...( this is the land of smile.....). So, let's smile... people. Wek !!
My driver told me that "the throw water ritual" is not right. The young generations do this. He said in his time the younger had to drop a little amount of water to the older's palm. Blessing. That's it. But now... they're ready with the water trucks on the street. They get drunk and the girls like to put on their white t-shirt. Ya Allah, menjijaykan banget.
Let's see the pictures below. I took some pictures from my closed window car, off course.
hei ndul!, nyebrang aja loe nggak liat2!!
kasihan supir gw, tapi untung bukan gw yg bersihin mobil
biar tambah kotor air campur bedak, keren yah mas, hi..hi..

the boys

When I asked my boys whether they wanted to go outside to see the pattayas throwing water or even joined them, they just simply said no. Great. They had so much to do. Practising basketball, bycicle around the compound, having friends at home, play ps 3, reading so many books or watching movies. Plus, Emir joined the additional swimming lesson at school. I know they'd really enjoyed staying at home.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

During songkran holiday (summer in thailand)

I just came back from Indo a week ago. I needed to attend ada urusan keluarga. Sounds cliche ?, but it's true. Unfortunately, the kids and Dudi couldn't come with me. We have tighted our belts at the moment. So.... this was not what you have thought guys.... . Last night we had dinner with Debby & Ken, Yoko & Steven, Herwani & John at the restaurant. We talked about our holiday. So.. Debby spent couple nights in Bali, Herwani went to Spain and Yoko went to Dubai. ( oh...God sounds really excited. Seems that I need to go there too ... For shopping!!. Insya Allah, someday ). Till John asked Dudi... "how about you Dudi ??" and Dudi replied "Oh I just stayed at home with the kids. But Lisa went to Jakarta". And everybody was like this "What??!! wow!!" ( oh come on.. it was not really a big deal) "you really had nice holiday, Lisa". "Your husband stayed at home and took care of the kids". And I said oh yeah... and when I got home, surprising me, they're getting bigger!, seems they put some kilos on. But I just went for 5 days.... needed some more time... relax guys.!!, kidding. There was something that really bothered me. Dudi leaves for the office at 6.30 am and comes home around 8 pm. He's so busy. Plays golf in the weekend, gets a massage. Internet all the time, hah!. He traveled a lot. He had come from brazil just 2 days before I left to Jakarta!!. Oohh.. I missed him so much!! I suggested him the weekend idea. Only us. Husband and wife, so we went to Bkk last Friday. Stayed over there for 1 night. We spent quality time, talked a lot. Nice. We had dinner with Indri and husband Mika at a brazil restaurant (Dudi's idea !!). Lovely. Guys.. it was really a great weekend !!. know. Ok, I'm blushing now. Ha..ha...