Friday, April 20, 2007

Songkran in Pattaya

Yesterday was the songkran celebration for pattaya people !. Hmmm.... dangerous !. Supposed just stay at home. But I needed to go to the doctor. To avoid the unbelieveable trafic we took the small road (jln tikus) to go to the hospital.
I don't like the way Thais celebrate their summer holiday. They like to throw water everywhere and to everybody. Even if you like you can throw a galon of water to the police in the street!!. No one gets angry. Everybody just smiles... or you can laugh...( this is the land of smile.....). So, let's smile... people. Wek !!
My driver told me that "the throw water ritual" is not right. The young generations do this. He said in his time the younger had to drop a little amount of water to the older's palm. Blessing. That's it. But now... they're ready with the water trucks on the street. They get drunk and the girls like to put on their white t-shirt. Ya Allah, menjijaykan banget.
Let's see the pictures below. I took some pictures from my closed window car, off course.
hei ndul!, nyebrang aja loe nggak liat2!!
kasihan supir gw, tapi untung bukan gw yg bersihin mobil
biar tambah kotor air campur bedak, keren yah mas, hi..hi..