Sunday, April 22, 2007

Family party

Yesterday we had party at The Cavanough's. Again....?? Yes, Debby and Ken Cavanough had Dudi and me at their house several times. Debby likes to cook and always has a party at her house. But this time the party was for family too. It started from 2.00 pm till...finished. Debby made a farewell party for (one of the executives at Dudi's office) Tobbyn Williams. He's got new promotion in Shanghai-China. Oohh...I will miss Myra Williams soon. Hate to say goodbye to her, she's so nice and funny. I love her.
Debby told me to bring the swimsuits for my kids. So here they were all the kids were swimming. There were 9 children.
My kids really enjoyed the party. Unlike usual, this time Debby didn't cook. She had caterer from Mantra Restaurant-Amari Hotel. The best restaurant in town. Yum...yum.... we could eat all the food. Oh ya and there were some for vegetarians too. Debby is the best. She always thinks her guests. Jeevan family eat only vegetarian food, the Hermantos and the Mc Gratts are muslims. We don't eat pork. Here we were..., Arif ate the pasta and potato gratin again and again, Emir and Farah enjoyed the satay so much. Chicken satay. (in thailand satay is usually pork). Dudi and me tried everything..., well almost, ha..ha..ha...
Oh I forgot. Debby baked a lot of cakes...... and she made my kids to bring home her cakes. Zip lock this... , zip lock that.... really really yum..yum....
scott, allistor, dudi, tobbyn, kris
Lisa, Myra and a chinese lady (forgot the name-Myra's neighbour)
After Bill ( the president director) gave the speech, it was turn for Tobbyn and Myra to talk. So sad. Finished the speech, there it was which everybody's waiting the presents !!.
From The GM office Myra got a Louis Vuitton bag and for Tobbyn he got a traditional thai gong. The Gong is quite big and heavy. The gong is a GM Thailand's tradition, given for somebody who finished their assigment in Thailand. From the executives they got a replica miniature of the "Thai Royal Barge". It is really beautiful with gold color. They've got so many beautiful presents from everybody.
Hope, they're more than happy
for not going back to the
US yet.
Seemed everybody made an effort for this party. All of the invited guests were here. Including the GM guys from Bkk.