Monday, December 03, 2007

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Loy Krathong

This is an old traditional Thai celebration. The festifal of Loy Krathong is celebrated annually on the full moon night of twelfth of lunar month. The festifal is believed from hindus/ brahmin in origin. Thai people float the krathong (made from banana leaves and flowers) on the water (especially in the river) wish for goodluck and ask apologize from the goddess of water. Here gendhog cilik celebrated the festifal at school wearing the tradional costume and float her krathong in the pool.

Farah in loy krathong dress

Sunday, November 11, 2007

blow the candles..

Saturday, Nov 10th. We had a complete nasi uduk for breakfast. The Indigus family was with us. Great !!. Farah and me blew our candles. Our birthday?. Yes, extended...


Whose birthday is it now ?. It's Farah's !. 2 days after my birthday, in November the ninth. She is 5 years old. My boneka, she's smart, nice, beautifull. At around 1 pm, arry and me came to the school. The cake and the goody bags were with me. It was a recess time. Farah and her classmates were still in the playground. I went inside to the classroom and got ready, took out the cake, the plates... The children got back to the class, they were ready now. Miss Helen told them to sing a birthday song after that then Farah cut the cake, I helped her. Farah looked very happy to give the cakes to her all friends, seemed she really enjoyed as a birthday girl. Ha..ha..ha... obviously she's got interest in entertaining, just like her mom.. :p After the kids had finished with their cakes, it was time for goody bags. Farah gave her friends one to each of them. Happy 5th Birthday Farah

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I am 39 years old now.
I was so excited today. Got up earlier than usual.
I cooked and prepared a lot of food !!, yes, my first time to make my own birthday party at home, ha..ha..ha.. I like to make party but never made my own birthday before, till now.
Year ago, my Indonesian friends came to my house and they brought food then May Goetz my Thai friend who's married with a Germany, a hotelier, hosted a birthday party for me at the hotel (Amari). 2 years ago my friends arranged a birthday party for me at a restaurant. Hemm...yes, today I made my own.
Farah got up earlier too, she remembered my birthday. She was the first person who said happy birthday to me. She went down to find me in the kithen, then she went upstairs to wake her brothers up and told them to say happy birthday to mommy right away.!!. he..he.. she's so cute. My husband is still in Indonesia for business trip.
I was so honoured when Debbie made a special birthday cake!. It's a cherrie cheese cake, wow.... it's so perfect. I saw a lot this kind of cheese cakes in the magazines, but now...hemm it is on my table !!. It's real, the whole round cake and big. Maybe 4 pounds cake ?? or 5 pounds ??, dunno.

I'd spread the invitations for 23 persons, but unfortunately Ida robinson is in Singapore & Kati needed to bring her daughter to the doctor. My guests were : Ita Krebs, Arry Indigus, Elen Manurung, Lisa Sofiar, Anni Bimo, Sopie, May Goetz, Eva Kuehs, Toko Suzuki, Janet Seale, Emma Dowd, Debbie Cavanough, Malini Varma, CaiLin Teo, Anna Teo, Lim, Aini, Len Hansen, Alma, Kay Martinezs, Geeta Elliot.

I've got birthday presents from my friends. Thank you girls. You are so thougthful with your presence, gifts and wishes. You are all made my birthday really special.

Today also Malini Varma's birthday, we share our birthday except she is a year younger than me. He..he..he..


For today's birthday lunch :
On the long buffet : caesar salad, and to acompany nasi lemak are fried small anchovies, fried peanuts, slices of hard boiled eggs, cucumbers slices, ayam bakar bumbu rujak, malbi sapi, sambal bajak, and fried noodle (Arry).
On the big table : dimsum (bought), fruit salad (Lisa Sofiar), kinda beef siomay (Anni), risoles, tuna balls (those are my specialities), bakwan (Ita), nuts (Janet), layer cake-lapis legit (bought in indo), bika ambon (bikin ndiri bo!, pake pondan tapinya), and punch.
On the round table : coffee and tea, kue tape hijau, kue lapis (Elen), beverages.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Participants :
Me and Farah. Ita and her girls -Zara and Clara-. My boys?, they were not excited, just wanted to stay at home.
We went to Burapha houses for treat and trick. Ita and me had prepared goody bags for the kids.
It's not like in the US, the kids there, are not encouraged to wear scary costumes, but cute, beautiful, or kids caracters. Here in Thailand 95% of the little kids liked to wear the scary...scary..... and blody..blody...
Here I did only take Farah and Ita's girls pictures.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Geeta's farewell party

Lately my blog is about me attending farewell parties ??
This time it's Geeta Elliot from Australia. Her husband's got a new assigment. They're moving to Karachi-Pakistan.
Sad...sad.....sad... since I'll miss another good friend of mine. My son (Emir) and her son (Sanjay)are friends, Farah and Geetanjeli -my daughter and hers- are friends. Hate to say good bye to her, but off course good luck for them.
Geeta is a really nice and very warm person. She has lots of friends !.

At Geeta's house (farewell)