Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I am 39 years old now.
I was so excited today. Got up earlier than usual.
I cooked and prepared a lot of food !!, yes, my first time to make my own birthday party at home, ha..ha..ha.. I like to make party but never made my own birthday before, till now.
Year ago, my Indonesian friends came to my house and they brought food then May Goetz my Thai friend who's married with a Germany, a hotelier, hosted a birthday party for me at the hotel (Amari). 2 years ago my friends arranged a birthday party for me at a restaurant. Hemm...yes, today I made my own.
Farah got up earlier too, she remembered my birthday. She was the first person who said happy birthday to me. She went down to find me in the kithen, then she went upstairs to wake her brothers up and told them to say happy birthday to mommy right away.!!. he..he.. she's so cute. My husband is still in Indonesia for business trip.
I was so honoured when Debbie made a special birthday cake!. It's a cherrie cheese cake, wow.... it's so perfect. I saw a lot this kind of cheese cakes in the magazines, but now...hemm it is on my table !!. It's real, the whole round cake and big. Maybe 4 pounds cake ?? or 5 pounds ??, dunno.

I'd spread the invitations for 23 persons, but unfortunately Ida robinson is in Singapore & Kati needed to bring her daughter to the doctor. My guests were : Ita Krebs, Arry Indigus, Elen Manurung, Lisa Sofiar, Anni Bimo, Sopie, May Goetz, Eva Kuehs, Toko Suzuki, Janet Seale, Emma Dowd, Debbie Cavanough, Malini Varma, CaiLin Teo, Anna Teo, Lim, Aini, Len Hansen, Alma, Kay Martinezs, Geeta Elliot.

I've got birthday presents from my friends. Thank you girls. You are so thougthful with your presence, gifts and wishes. You are all made my birthday really special.

Today also Malini Varma's birthday, we share our birthday except she is a year younger than me. He..he..he..