Sunday, November 11, 2007


Whose birthday is it now ?. It's Farah's !. 2 days after my birthday, in November the ninth. She is 5 years old. My boneka, she's smart, nice, beautifull. At around 1 pm, arry and me came to the school. The cake and the goody bags were with me. It was a recess time. Farah and her classmates were still in the playground. I went inside to the classroom and got ready, took out the cake, the plates... The children got back to the class, they were ready now. Miss Helen told them to sing a birthday song after that then Farah cut the cake, I helped her. Farah looked very happy to give the cakes to her all friends, seemed she really enjoyed as a birthday girl. Ha..ha..ha... obviously she's got interest in entertaining, just like her mom.. :p After the kids had finished with their cakes, it was time for goody bags. Farah gave her friends one to each of them. Happy 5th Birthday Farah