Sunday, April 29, 2007


It was a labor day. Stayed in Bkk for one night. Really nice hotel, lot of good food. Love to go to Bangkok cause they have so much choices. Lots of food which is maybe not halal but still not haram (yg penting nggak makan babi or campur babi or dari babi, thai people adore babi so much. Everything is from itu, Oh God. In fact, you can see itu dimana2, digantung2 or dipajang2 ato diguling2 kaya kambing guling). We did nothing except just relaxing and enjoying the day. Buffet here was awesome. Breakfast or lunch and dinner. No rushing in the morning, I mean me. I'm talking about me. Preparing breakfast and the lunch boxes for 4 heads (my 3 precious kids and 1 honey husband), make sure that the boys brush their teeth, etc.. You know what I'm talking , right. You're a normal and adorable mother, right. The 1 day like this (only asking for one day, that's enough, I mean, once at a time), I really appreciate. The next day would be back to normal. Sure. You know what?, Ok I tell you this, actually I like this duties and.... what??, fact I miss it already, oohh..and soo.. looking forward ??, "I know what I'm gonna do!, I will prepare this..and that.... hhmm... I'm sure my kids gonna like this. Ok in the fridge I have.... Oh..come on... stop it!." ( ngelamun terus baru take 1 day off aja dah banyak ide. Cepet bener segernya yah??).