Saturday, September 29, 2007

The 13rd our anniversary

Walaahh... piye toh, kok kita ini dua2nya malah lupa !!, Today is our big day and both of us forgot ! about this 13rd anniversary. This morning Dudi, Farah and me were watching TV in our room, then the couple in the movie celebrated their anniversary, finally we remember. A few days before, Dudi reminded me about the gold bracelet that I want to have it. I told him not only gold..with diamonds off course then he asked me "when will you buy it then ?". Ha..ha..ha.. thanks for asking that. As a person who manage and control the budget in the family, off course I know when is the perfect time to buy this one. Surely not now, hopefully next month ?. I like to shop but wise.... Hemm... I know which one I like.... I really want that "cartier" bracelet. Soo.. simple yet elegant. Mudah2an ada rejeki buat beli yang ini. Amin.