Sunday, September 23, 2007

To The Ollikainens

We got invited to have dinner with Mika and Indri tonight.
After we broke our fasting at home, we headed to Benihana Restaurant. This might be our last dinner together in Pattaya, they will leave for good soon. Mika has got a new assignment in Jakarta -Indonesia. Oohh...they will be missed !!.
Indri is my good friend, she's the youngest (and the coolest and the branded one) of us -our gang-. For the last 6 months Mika and Dudi often play golf together.
Back in December 31st, 04, at night, just few hours before new year 2005, me with the whole Hermantos were doing groceries shopping at foodland. Suddenly a cute young lady approached me and Farah then she asked me very politely (oh come on.... she called me ibu, inget nggak ndri) weather Iam an Indonesian. Then we quickly introduced ourselves and our families. I still remember them, they were still very young, young couple. Sure, they are !.
We congratulated New Year 2005 each other thru the text messages. I sent e-mails to Indri and other Indonesian girls ( only few people - back then ) that night, then soon Nia, Indri and me have been very close. We went everywhere togethr, Catuchak (yeah ! hayoo... siapa yg pertama kali showed you the famous chatucak, hi..hi...biarin yah gw geer!), PILC's events, and so on ... so on.. , you name it. Wow ! I start crying now, even Indri was the first ever who bought our dagangan batik, (remember this Nia, one day in your living room, you just came back from Indo with your luggages full of batiks ??) and she didn't even want to try to bargain !!. How about this one, do u still remember the day when we tried the spa, which looked like nice from outside but was not comfy ??, I forgot the Spa's name.
Indri, who's gonna make the best empal goreng in town ?, I will miss it, and you off course, ha...ha..
OK Mika and Indri, wish you all the very best. We are happy for you. We know for sure, the best friends to meet and visit when we go to Indonesia.
Have a safe trip back...
The Hermantos