Friday, September 28, 2007

Dining out

Yes, still had time !! for us (Ita, Arry and me) to have dinner with Indri. Thanks Indri for your last minutes (since they will leave Pattaya tomorrow morning).
We went to Gulliver tonight. Me and my family, Indri (minus Mika -was having farewell party with his co-workers), Ita and her girls and Arry family.
When Arry and family came we were not finished our dinner yet, off course, because we ordered big dinners, since everybody was hungry. Arry seemed to have trouble ordering her food, thinking...and thinking... oh come on...., apparently she wasn't hungry, she did brake her fasting at home, no wonder.. no wonder.. (she had stolen the start, ha..ha..ha..).
After the kids finished their dinner, the smaller kids enjoyed played together, Natasya was seen playing billiard with her dad. My friends and me still busy talking each other.
How are our homemade cookies Indri ??, yes, she already tried them, Ita gave her the kaastengels.
Hemm... yumm..yumm...
From Gulliver, we didnt't want to go home soon. Fortunately my husband and Didi (Arry's husband) were OK with our suggestion. So we headed to have coffees at Mccafe ( inside the newest and coolest mall in Pattaya). We talked a lot. Thumbs up for the husbands !!, they just so patient with us, waited till we were tired ??, but ha..ha..ha... I'm getting older now, wanted to go home soon. Ita needed to go home soon too, her husband was on the way home from the airport. Arry took Indri home.
What a great night.