Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Emir and his classic pooh

Si gundulku yang satu ini (ganteng atau gundul itu panggilang sayang bw Arif&Emir), my second child Emir really loves his bear.
At anytime... at home... always with the pooh.
He didn't know when I took these pictures !.
Gemes !!

The previous pooh -bubu- is too old, getting thinner and fragile. He said yes when I suggested him to put bubu in his closet. Then I gave him his other pooh (I bought it 6 years ago, just in case..). First, he didn't like it. He tried to punch and kick it several times to make it thinner , he..he...he... nothing change, it is still fat. Finally....

Pictures below are Emir with "bubu" (7 months ago). Then "bubu" in his retirement's place (Emir's closet). Emir with "sumo", the fat pooh.
fasting, tired, right away from school... just wanted to be with sumo.