Monday, October 15, 2007

Lebaran hari ke-2

Sunday, October 14th,07. As same as every lebaran eid fitr for the last past several years. Since I've been living in abroad, I'd like to make special food for lebaran. I cooked a lot. I had prepared the food days before, then put them in the freezer. I set the table before we left for Bangkok. For the very special days like now, I took out my antiques porcelaine serving dishes. They were from my mother (which she got from her late father). Too bad I couldn't take out the plates (still in the cupboard). I forgot, yesterday I left the key in my traveling bag (and the bag was with my friend, Arry). In this special day, the kids took shower early, got ready early then sat nice for breakfast. Anyway, breakfast today we had nasi kuning, ketupat, sambal goreng labu siam, opor ayam, rendang, malbi, sambal goreng ati, sambal bajak, krupuk udang and krupuk palembang. Yeepee..... Arif and Emir tried sambel goreng ati. First they didn't want to eat the ati. Hii..... must be spicy and scary....., but then they like it. For dessert we had hot chocolate sundae cake, hhmm... very yummy. The children ate the cake with vanila ice cream plus m&m. They really (especially Arif & Emir) love it, that's why I made 2 recipes for this cake. I also made kue tape. Aduh endang.... bambang deh pokoke.... . then I also have layer cake from Indonesia. Not to mention I baked cookies days before. Ha...ha... complete enough, isn't it ?. Lha wong idul fitri. (fitri artinya makan lho saudara2 sekalian. Bukan suci. Jadi selamat idul fitri itu artinya selamat makan). We had dinner with our special guests from Indonesia. My dear auntie, tante Farida Srihadi (my mom's younger sister) and oom Srihadi Soedarsono. They came with their daughter Rati, son in law Indra and the kids Indira and Ravi. They are here in Thailand with the tour. Dudi, Farah, and me picked them up from the hotel. Ravi, (2 years old) is so cute. He brought his teddy bear (hemm it's not a teddy bear actually, but the cute and fluffy white little goat) with him. I always love to see little kids with their favourite dolls. I reminded Rati (my cousin) our old days when we were still kids, we just did the same. I told my auntie and my uncle that I still kept my teddy bear (which was from them, souvenir from America) in my bookshelf. Hemm... so nice to remember those old days with Rati since we'd grown up together in Bandung. More than last 10 years, my auntie, tante Farida and the family always welcome my mother's big family to their house for lebaran. Open House. The big family from Pangeran ke 11....( and so on... names and titles are so long) is centered here in their house, lots of people !!, olds, youngs, kids, babies (all ages - 4 generations) so I can imagine this year my family in Jakarta. Bet, not as big as usual !. Actually since her mother (my grandma) passed away 2 years ago (at 104 years old), my auntie and her family didn't celebrate lebaran at home. Last year they went to the US visiting their son. And this year they are here. My mom also is not in Indonesia. She is still in Mekkah for Umroh Pilgrim. We were extremely happy and honoured to have my auntie and family. We prepared lots of food & beverages for guests. Our Indonesian friends know us well that our door is always open for trhem. Tonight we also had Dudi's friends (from the office) came to our house. They were Sudung and family, Didi and fam, Bimo and fam, Putut and fam. We got a special cheese cake from Putut family. Hhmm.. yummy... it is definately good, super !!.