Monday, October 15, 2007

EID MUBARAK - Lebaran - Hari Raya Eid Ul Fitr

This year Eid in Thailand was on Saturday, October 13th,07.

We left to Bangkok on Friday. Ita and her 2 girls came with us. Farah was so happy having friends in the car, 2 hours from Pattaya became not boring for her. Arry and her family too went along together with us.

Yes, just like years before, we always celebrate lebaran with other Indonesians.

We broke our fasting in Central Chidlom. It was really nice. Everybody liked the food here. we could find Indonesian food. Very good for buka puasa, indeed.

The next day on Saturday, after had breakfast at the hotel, we went to Indonesian Embassy for sholat Eid and Halal Bihalal-hemm... eating...

Got back at the hotel. We made few phone calls to Indonesia, to Dudi's parents and our siblings. I needed to call my mom in Saudi Arabia. She is there for Umroh. That's why when Dudi had the idea to celebrate lebaran in indo, I was not really excited, I couldn't see my mom, though.

I am so proud to my 2 sons. They did the fasting excellent !!. Full month. This year Emir did puasa for the full day. Maybe for those children in Indonesia puasa are easy for them, but for us here, are not easy. My kids still did PE at school.

Hemm... gw jadi kangen ama suasana lebaran di Amerika. Kita ngerayain lebaran rame2, banyak orang beragama islam. trus banyak acara/games for children and a lots of presents too. Gak kalah deh ama natalan.

I took these pictures before sholat

Me and farah

Ita and her girls, Arry and her girls