Monday, July 02, 2007

Let's eat G.U.D.E.G

Ehm.. as all my friends know, I like to cook and entartain.
Couple weeks ago.... when my pembantu, finally, got the whole young jackfruit for me (we can not find the canned young jackfruit here, which is product of thailand), I cooked gudeg, yeah...
To accompany the gudeg, I also made opor ayam, sambal goreng krecek, tahu and tempe bacem. Actually for me as an orang jawa timur, gudeg is not my favourite food, nor my husband's.
To make gudeg I needed extra, extra, super duper patience. Oh..God.. , after hours ( with the low heat ), finally the color of my gudeg went dark and it became thick and was very tasty, because all the spices had absorbed.
Emir seemed OK, though, was not very excited. Arif, yes ! , he liked my gudeg so much, and sambal goreng krecek. This was their first time to eat gudeg. How about Farah ?, emm..maybe next time I'll let her to try. She ate the opor ayam, her favourite. Dudi ? got no complained from him, he just simply said veryyy... good. I was so happy.
And apparently my friends really enjoyed the lunch.