Monday, July 02, 2007

Beth's breakfast farewell

My dear friend Beth Johnson will move out from Thailand very soon. The Johnsons will go back to the US, after been living here for almost 8 years.
She is a very good friend. I met her first time at Geeta's birthday at Geeta's house in 2004 (I just moved to Thailand couple weeks before). I was so brave but made a good decision when I came to Geeta's, she hadn't even known me yet. I invited myself !!. I knew Geeta from the only Indonesian woman in Pattaya at that time. Knowing that her friend would have a birthday party, I was just so excited !!, I wanted to meet everybody. I wanted to have friends in Thailand. Fortunately Geeta and her friends were very nice to me. They all greeted and welcomed me.
Beth and I are good friends. We always amazed with our languages. Phillippino and Bahasa have a lot of similarities. Especially when it comes to the name of the food and the numbers. One time I was so surprised when one of our friends couldn't come a party, and Beth said "ah...sayang !!". "Hah..?, what did you say ??", I asked her. She explained to me the meaning and I just laughed because it is totally same with bahasa. Exactly same pronouncation and same meaning.
I often came to her house. She likes to cook, I like her Philippino cuisine. She also likes to bake. I'm so sure that everybody will miss her red velvet cake and her lemon bar.
We often hang out together. We went to PILC's coffee mornings, friends parties, and learned to play golf !!.
Here we were at Sheraton Hotel. Had buffet breakfast together with Indri, Ita and mbak Rita.
Rine (pink top) soon joined us.