Saturday, June 30, 2007

Coffee Morning with moms

Before the school finishes, and everybody will have gone for their loonnggg... summer holiday -very soon,actually-, here we were at my house.
I made a lot of food. Geeta brought her rice salad (everybody wanted the recipe), Kay made oatmeal cookies (my boys finished them), Misae with apple cider, Anna and Marlene with the cookies, Elen with doughnuts, Sunny brought dragon fruit (so much..), Lyn with longans. Hm... everything went so well with coffee and tea. We really had a good time.

I did interview people for their holiday plans, and these are some of the results :

  1. Elen and fam - back home - Indonesia for 6 weeks,
  2. Geeta go to India (4 weeks),
  3. Marlene - instead going back home, yeah...go to Singapore, baby !! - shopping for couple days (eh padahal murahan disini lagi).
  4. Kay - back home - UK,
  5. Lym and Anna - back home - Malaysia (supposed I asked to bring tupat nona for me),
  6. Lin - back home - Sgp (for the whole holiday !!, she will put her kids at school),
  7. Misae same as Lin- will spend the whole 9 weeks holiday back to Japan (also same reason, needs to take her kids to Japanese school). It means holiday in Thailand but school in their home country. Oh
  8. how about Sunny ??, my Korean friend, is she gonna put her kids to Korean school as well ??, hhmm.. I wonder, I forgot to ask her.
  9. the rest ?? ( like me ), just stay here in Thailand (maybe going around Thailand)