Saturday, June 30, 2007

The old friend

Knowing that we quite a lot to go to Bkk, -either stay over or one day return- Rizki and wife had offered us a few times to stay with them in their appartement. Finally a few weeks ago (June 3rd), we took their offered. We stayed there for 1 night. Left on saturday. Their appartement is located in the most prestisious street in Bkk. Wireless Rd. What a WOW !!. Along the street is where The US Embassy located, an US Ambassador big beautiful and old house -I adore old buildings as you know- with the huge garden (long time ago the house was owned by a prince of Kingdom of Siam), a few of American offices, sky scrappers and a five star hotel. Supposed to be the most safest street in Bkk, maybe, or could be a dangerous street (imagine in Jkt people do the the violent demonstration in front of the embassy gimana kalau orang2nya pada bringas like they want to eat you). Farah was impress with the building when we entering the front security gate, she seemed so surprised. Woww.. the house is so bigg.. (she said house not building), he..he..and mas Arif teased her "look at the garage, there are so many cars...". Farah then realized "it is just like a hotel", she said and wondering at the same time. A fully uniform doorman opened the big glass door and greeted us, soon Rizki went down and welcomed us. Then he verified his fingerprint to open the inner glass door before we reached the lift hall. Wow.. my kids were just more impressed. What a security. Upstair in their appartement Angi and their adorable daughters -a 13 years old Echa and her 7 years old sister Karin welcomed us. Their appartement is huge for Bangkok size. Just like a big house. The bed rooms (2) were ready for us. Very comfortable. Pembantu (btw they have 2, saudara2, ada yg orang Indo pula, hhmm..luksuri dong bw yg tinggal di LN mah..) had fried the empek-empek palembang asli a lot !!, served with cukonyo, they were sent from Palembang. Yum..yum.. and superr spicy, but Arif enjoyed them. We had dinner at a restaurant. Rizki and Angi like to treat their guests. It's like they want to treat all the time !!. Rizki and Dudi were good friends when they were still in the university, 20 years ago..(seems like I'm wrong in counting). Angi, his wife was his few years junior also in the same faculty. Rizki works for a world wide American Company, he is an executive and an expatriate. Now he is taking his PhD degree at abroad university (distant learning, generousity from his employer). Angi his wife is a manager at Sgp office. For her going back Sgp-Bkk is just like going back grocerries store-house for me, he..he.. It's really obvious that tyhey are really live very well. But far from arogant, in fact they are really generous and religious. By the way, the next day on sunday. After the gentlemens had heavy breakfast (nasi uduk ama ayam goreng bo!, apa nggak sewot yah perut suamiku secara dia biasa has light breakfast), they went to the golf course. Again Dudi told me later that he was so touched when he saw his friend knows the people well who work in the golf course and gave so much tips for his caddy, zakat. "Just exactly same I always saw him when he was a youngman 20 years ago..he hasn't changed so much but now more rezeki more zakat", he said. Meanwhile, we -wonderful wifes- he..he..he.., we talked a lot while we were watching our adorable children swam. At noon we went to Central Chidlom for lunch. I wanted to have laksa -singaporean style- and I'm not ngidam lho saudara2. it's true!! really gratefull to have such good friends like they are. Layak panutan, deserve to be good examples for us. Thank you friends. Dudi, Rizki and Angi Angi, Karin and Farah