Monday, May 21, 2007

Visited my friends.

"Just Go. That's ok. Only for 2 days". My husband said to me. And when he saw me cooking, "you don't need to cook. We just do the delivery. And anyway I'm too lazy to reheat it. No time.". But still, I made some food for the kids. Off course, by the way, how about if my kids are hungry after school. Wait for him until he's got home ??. 8 pm ??, oh no.... poor them. Obviously he didn't realize it.
I prepared everything and told pembantu to do this and that. Including waited until Khun Dudi's at home then she could go home or came very early in the morning (before 6.30 am) before Khun Dudi left for the office. And make sure the kids have breakfast, school lunch, and dinner. Oh ya and please don't forget to remind them to take a shower and brush their teeth..... oh God, poor my pembantu. Lots of work.
This time was different. When I (alone) went (kinda must) to Indo (for 5 days) last month, Dudi and the kids were on holiday. So they had their father all day. But now ??, I told him to try to come home not too late ( seemed impossible !! ).
I told my husband "please take care of my kids (by the way my kids are his too, he..he.. )". Hmm feeling little bit guilty ??. Yes, because it was like a holiday (but alone). To visit my old friends !!. Luki and Dolek. Sounds very exciting !!. Yes It was.
Anyway here I went.
Left home at 5.30 am - to the airport (outside Bkk). My flight was at 9.25 am (bkk time). Needed to go early because the driver had to go back to Pattaya (needed to take Farah to the school). Arrived at Changi Singapore at 12.40 pm (Sgp time). There they were !!. My 2 gorgeous and kind friends picked me up !!. helloo.. !!. (I was waving). Hi....hi.. hi... apparently they were too serious, tried to find me, and they didn't see me. (hei I haven't changed a lot, have I??). Oh God...!!. Do you know how it felt to see them ??. Wonderful !!. We hugged each other. Luki is the youngest of us. We were friends when we both were still in Michigan USA. (temen masak2, temen pengajian, temen hang out and of course temen belanja deh). Now she is a mother of 2. She brought his second, Adam. First time I met him. When I left America 3 years ago, she was pregnant. Luki, you haven't changed at all. Dolek too, still the same. Always stylish.
From the airport, we headed straight to Luki's house. In the car, we catched up with each other......till the sexy driver (Dolek) lost her way..... missed the exit way (excuse me, is Sgp really big?? or did we just go around and around). From the airport to Luki's took about 1 hour !!. But it was really ok for me. At The Luki's, the homemade siomay was ready. Wow..!! and we were so hungry, come on girls let's attack !!. Hhmm.. really really yummy. Yum..yum.. ohh..and the peanut dressing was no.1 (Luki, do you remember we had made bakso together at Erna's and your sambel goreng cirebonan is the best).
I had dinner with The Prabowos at the seafood restaurant (the best in town). Bagus (Luki's husband) came straight away from his office. "Come on mbak, just enjoy your vacation here" when he noticed me that I was like a little bit lost ( thinking about my family I left there, of course, hi..hi..dasar ibu2!!). Yes, I should be. My generous husband had gave me his permission.
It was very wonderful dinner. We talked about our old days in US, very good experinces and memories. Thank you Bagus and family. Please come visit us in Thailand.
I spent a night at the Prabowo's house. Nadira (Luki's daughter) slept with me tonight. She is so sweet and adorable. Yeah I remember first time I met Luki and Nadira (she's about 2 years old), they just moved to Michigan-US. It was fall season and it was cold. We had lunch together at my house with other Indonesian girls. I was still young at that time and Luki's even younger, he..he...much below 30's.
Oh.. God very good experienced there in The US. I'm so thankful. Btw, Luki, remember this ??, back then, we ( you-Luki Prabowo, me-Lisa Hermanto, Mei Dena, Tari Prabowo-different prabowo of course, Erna Sigit ) drove our minivan cars, he..he.. the long one with 8 seaters, yeah right, big cars, remember this is in america, very very american mother's car. So big and long enough for our grocerries and our baby's car seats and of course the strollers. You know the car seats, and the strollers, ooh..they're so big and bulky. Remember this also ?, You, Mei and me, we used to drive soo fast !!, Oh ok, still in the speed limit for sure. But we kinda pembalap- the racers. Yihaa.. and you were very brave with the map, the simple one (I don't want to say the old one, he..he..). I wasn't brave enough to use that, thank you very much. I liked to use the yahoomapquest. It's very detailed. Comes with the number, directions, intersections, the names, etc. Oh ya and the On Star of course, the modern technology one.