Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Singapore, day 3 (May 18th)

My last day in Sgp. I woke up and a cup of coffee was ready for me. Thanks Dolek.
After Dolek's kids went to school and we left Dolek's house, we just realized that both of us forgot to take our pictures with the kids. Ohh.. too bad !!
Dolek took me to Kinokuniya. Bought some more books. Heavy..heavy..heavy. I couldn't avoid them. Needed the books so much. But unfortunately I couldn't find the sholat book for my kids. Had breakfast and coffee (again) here. Hmm..just liked the old times. Dolek and me used to have coffee together either at a coffee shop or at my house or at her house.

We were still here at some shops at Orchard Rd, bought this and this. Met Luki and Adam. Thank you so much Luki you gave me the sholat book and a couple dvds for mengaji.

Dolek took me to the Restaurant Padang. I needed to buy gulai ayam padang asli for my husband.

Finally time for me to leave my best friends. Hu..hu..hu.. so sad. Dolek took me to the airport. She needed to pick up her husband Tony at the airport too.

At the airport just before went inside the flight. The officer told me that Singapore just released the new regulation. I couldn't carry my rendang and gulai ayam to the cabin. I must put them in the baggage. Ah..too late. But I don't know why, maybe because my expression (want to cry, man..), suddenly he just allowed me to carry them, only 1 of my sambals. He throw it away. Oh...thank you so much. Selamet...selamet..., Alhamdulillah.

Above all, I'm really gratefull I met my friends...... See you here guys (Luki and fam, Dolek and fam) in Pattaya...... . You're very welcome.

Dolek thank you so much for everything. Pls give my warm regards to Tony and the kids. Btw Dolek, how much you spent for the parking, since we took hours...hours...hours..... Thank you again.