Friday, May 04, 2007

Ladies Luncheon

The menu was : Singaporean laksa and Nasi Lemak. First time I'd made the laksa from the scratch. From the original recipe. Oh..oh...very brave. The laksa has to be eaten with white noodles, bean sprouts, and sambal. To accompany Nasi lemak, I made chicken curry, fried small fish, fried peanut, cucumber slices, sambal bajak and the shrimp crackers. Participants : My Indonesian friends are : Arry, Ita, Indri, Santi, Elen, Anni, Rine, Anna, Dian, Yuni. My farang friends are : Kirsi, Eva, Beth and Lea. Couldn't come : Lisa Sofiar, mbak Rita and mbak Rida ( both are out of the country), Ida (attended another appointment), Vera (still tired, just came back from Indo).
Lots of food !!. Kirsi brought chocolate trifle, Ita brought hazelnut cake (she is the queen of cake, you name it, she bakes it), Indri with sambal bajak (spicy ya...), Elen with butter cake, Eva with the fruit, Dian - another fruit, Anna made hard boiled eggs (sliced and eaten with nasi lemak), Arry brought sambal goreng rebon -not spicy- and sambal goreng kentang. Beth and Lea ( they're sisters ) with the apple cake.
Obviously everybody like the food (geer lah...) and my laksa was success. Real Singaporean taste!, not Indonesian taste.
Surprising me, my farang friends told me that the food was not spicy at all !!, in fact Kirsi and Eva said "next time you can put some more chillies". What ??, Unbelieveable !!, but I'm sure I will. Don't worry girls. Just wait for another lunch ya..??.
ps : For my friend Nia in Germany. I still remember when you were here. Kita baru sama2 pindah di pattaya. Cuman kita yg Indonesians. Tiap kali kita2 ngadain gathering, kita pasti sibuk cari2 siapa2 lagi yg mau kita undang yah. Only you, Indri and me. Sisanya kawan2 asing kita. Pokoknya jumlah tamu dicari2 biar pas sama tempat duduk meja makan kita yah jumlahnya. Sekarang keluarga Indo dah buanyak. Malahan musti dibagi per gang. Indonesians saja, asings saja, ato indo mix asing tergantung gang-nya.
ps again : If your name is Arry, please stop reading here or else !!. Do not continue, pls. He...he..he... Girls, I'll tell you this -a good news for you- maybe you don't realise. I've noticed, if we have parties, she's (Arry) the one who always gives the ideas to herself. Something like this : "Oh so you will cook that, Ok then, and I will bring this". If she mentions 1 food, it means she will bring 2 kinds of food. If she said 2 foods it means she will bring more than 2 foods, and so forth. He..he..very good !. Next time if we want to have a party just tell Arry, She will bring the food. If you read this Arry, I only can say just keep up the good work !!. Thank you. Jangan bosen ya say.... gw seneng kok, meja jadi banyak macemnya.
Anni is giving the brief instructions to Kirsi
how to eat your laksa.
"A lot of soup on the noodles.."
in line, pls....

while waiting our turn to take the food
table 1
table 2