Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Second day

Second day for school but it's Farah's first day for taking a school bus.
Looked nearvous in the morning. Seemed she would cry but she didn't. She was so quiet.
Arif said to Farah :
don't cry
don't scream
don't talk
don't talk to me
do not talk to my friends
do not sit down next to me
just sit down nicely in the front or sitting next to Emir
I'm sitting down on the very back row
you sit down next to the woman in the very front row
"Mas, it's not nice you're saying that to her, you should encourage her", I said to Arif.
Emir told Farah :
it's Ok, Farah
mas Emir is sitting down behind you, ok. You will be fine.
Yeah, that's my boy. When the school bus came, finally, mas Arif who escorted her to the bus. I smiled (big smiled).
I made sure everybody buckled up.
si ganteng chubby Emir
At home, Farah told me that she enjoyed the bus. I'm sure she's ready.