Saturday, August 04, 2007


Just 2 days ago, Dudi's parents went back to Indonesia. So sad.... For the last 17 days, we were so happy for having them here. They'd arrived here at the day after Emir's birthday (July 15th). They came with Dudi's niece (Aa). Aa was here (instead of 17 days) for only a week he needed to go back to his campus in Jogjakarta.
This was a second time for mimih and bapak visited us here in Thailand. Farah was so close with her grandpa, almost every morning they had their own routine. It was like this, Farah would ride her bike with mbah de. While she was pedaling her bike (with high speed) mbah walked slowly behind her, far left behind actually, but Farah would be happily going back to mbah, then they went together again... but Farah was speeding up again and she would come back to mbah again. Again..and again. It was so nice to see them.
My kids were just happily to do shalat berjamaah with mbah de as an imam. Most of the times Dudi managed to come home before 7 pm. (which was still sunny a little bit -still summer here in Thailand !!). Did sholat berjamaah and having dinner together.
Despite of her disability (due to her advance stage of osteophorosis -both arms and both legs), my mom in law still has great enthusiasms. Especially when it came for shopping. Liked to go shopping so much !! (mostly for oleh2, off course).
While they were here (mbah ii couldn't go upstairs) so they slept in the TV room, I'd converted it into a bedroom. Nice and cozy. Easy for mbah ii, very close to the dining room and bathroom. Mbah de in his age (78 yo), still in an excellent conditions, for him going upstairs was not a problem. He liked using the upstairs bathroom (because of the hot shower), sholat in the musholla, and spent some time with the boys in my boys room.
I often cought my in laws, in the middle of the night (around 1.00am), they still awoke and did sholat malam, zikir, and ngaji.
I became so creative !. When they were here, I needed to think what to cook so everybody could eat. Mbah de needed to eat something soft but tasty and spicy enough, but for mbah ii not too spicy and she hates terasi -shrimp paste- and to make me more challenge was mbah de loves terasi.
The breakfasts were always heavy and must be Indonesian meals !!. A big NO for simple breakfasts like sandwiches, cereals, omellette, etc (bye..see you next time) oh ya, instead for breakfast I made pancakes (for afternoon tea with filling chocolate chips, and cheese then folded, it was almost like martabak manis). Breakfasts menu usually were nasi uduk dan lauk-lauknya, ketoprak, mie ayam bakso, lontong sayur, nasi goreng and so on... I forgot. You name it, probably I made it. Fortunately I had enough time to prepare them (still holiday... the kids don't go to school, no needed to be in a hurry). Breakfast time moved to 9 am. But this condition couldn't go for Dudi, he leaves at 6.30 am -for the office-, so his breakfast just sticks to his simple sandwich & yoghurt & milk.
I took my in laws to watch Miss Tiffany's show (dancing -performanced by transsexual people-). It was soo...funny. The show is everynight and always full house with the tourists.
Kata bapak : "bapak baru sekali ini lihat banci banyak banget pada nari2"
Kata saya : 'lho jangankan bapak, lisa aja dah 3 tahun disini juga baru sekali"
I am so grateful for my kids they still have 2 grandmas (my mom and dudi's mom) and a grandpa. I remember, one day I told my brother that Farah is really close to her grandpa, and my brother simply said that she's a lucky girl. Yeah I know, she is. My brother and me never knew our grandpas (from both sides -mama and papa-). They'd passed away, long before we're born. We took a lot of pictures !!, but accidently Farah deleted some (almost all !!) from my camera before I'd saved them to the computer. Faraahh..... !!
Below are "the survived pictures" :