Thursday, March 01, 2007


One afternoon after picked up Farah from school. Arry (my friend) saw the mango tree in my back yard. It has a loott... of mangoesss.. What?? I just realized that. Yeah....It's harvest time!!. But it didn't take long for the people who are living around us to know. They enjoyed our manggoes too!. Everyday there were less and less manggoes. They just took them without permission. Luckly our maid could manage that. We could eat them everyday. Especially for Farah and my husband (not my boys, they don't like it). Even my maid took the manggoes for my mom, sho she could bring them to Indonesia. She was happy and she would share them with her neighbours. Although the manggoes here are still green but surprisingly, the taste is far from sour. It taste sweet. That's why my mother really admire it. C'est bizarre.. It's weird. Green, crunchy, but sweet. When I was a kid living in Surabaya, My late father used to buy manggoes from Pasuruan. Mangga Gadung. This habit still continuing when we moved to Jakarta, he liked to buy those at Pasar Kramat Jati. I miss you dad.