Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy 40th Birthday

Who's birthday ??. Of course the father of my wonderful kids and he is my husband (sing ngganteng dhewe). Couple days ago. In Feb 22nd.
We had dinner at Indian by Nature. Indian cuisine is one of his favourite foods.
I had lunch with GM ladies at Casa Pascal (not to celebrate his birthday). while I was with them, I kept thinking what's cooking needed to cook quick and a lot. Ok I gave up. Not have enough time. A..ha!!. Got an idea. Thinking what cuisine that I'm not really good to cook. Although I'd learned before with an expert Indian lady. Ehm..called Dudi and suggested him to have birthday dinner outside. He's Ok he..he... he's really a good man.
We really had a good dinner that night. The kids like the food so much.
But so sorry, I didnt't have a present for him yet. Need to go to Bkk. (yihaa..!! another excuse to go to Bkk!!)
Selamat ulang tahun papa tersayang........... Doa2 dari kita semua... semoga dikabulkan oleh ALLAH SWT, Amin.