Friday, February 09, 2007

So blue..

After spent 1 month here, my mom went back to indonesia yesterday. Nggak enak banget. Hope she had very good times here. We really missed her stories. Especially my kids. Every morning while the kids were having breakfast she liked to tell the stories about Rasulullah SAW. Alhamdulillah, she's still in a very good health. Almost everyday my mom and me went together. We (mom, kids and me) spent alot of times in the kitchen !!. She was so amazed to see Arif really like her sop buntut dan rawon. He's just like his opa!!, she said. (and finally I know now to make the right rawon jawa timur yg uiiteemm.... sampai kedaging2nya, hue..hue..) It was so sweet to see my kids doing homework with my mom helped them!!, right Emir?. And Farah you're such a lucky girl having your oma picked you up at school many times and even sang and danced together with your teachers and friends in your classroom. We left at around in the morning. It takes 1 1/2 hours to go to the airport. Before we left, my mom went to her grandchildren's rooms, wanted to say goodbye. They're still sleeping. She kissed their heads while she was praying. She always do that. Prays and kisses our head at the same time. My kids managed to get up and salim their oma. I introduced my mom to my indonesian friends. Since I've been living abroad, whenever & wherever my mom came to visit, I'd like to invite my friends come to my house. Thank you friends for coming and even brought foods and gifts for my mother. Girls, you made her so touched. She knows all my friends and liked to be taken pictures with them. She's happy that I have good friends. (off course mom, we have to be nice to people, but when it comes to have friends I always choose them, -tentu aja tho kalau berteman gw pilih2) She had lunch at Indri' s house and Ita's house. Thank you girls for having my mom. It's really appreciated. She liked to do shopping in Bkk. Bought oleh2 for her friends and relatives. Her luagages were so full that she had to leave few things she bought for herself. So, I'll make sure myself to bring them with me next time I visit her in indonesia. For me, having my mother here at my house, melayaninya. I was soo extremely happy and blessed. Maafkan ananda berdua mam kalau ada kekurangan dalam pelayanan. Kalau ada rejeki kesehatan, kesempatan, materiil, Insya Allah, we'll make sure for having her and my in laws at our house again and again in the next years.