Sunday, January 28, 2007

Koh Samui

At the begining we were all not excited to go to koh samui. Everybody was tired. We just came back from Indonesia in Jan 5th and now left again ??...... But like Dudi said if we wanted to change the date we needed to put some more additional fees per person. Ok then..... Ceritanya dari bulan oktober tahun lalu. Dudi lagi iseng2 browsing, then he got cheap tickets to go to Koh Samui by Air Asia. For all of us (berlima) -return- only for $ 200. Are you interested?, should we go?, instead I said no I replied it's up to you. Hua..hua..hua... salah sendiri deh gw. Ok, done the luggage is always my job. Although we only went for 2 days but we're 5. Don't forget everybody's swimsuits, these and those cremes, books, sunglasses, sandals, etc.. We left in Jan 25th (thursday) and would be back in Jan 27th (saturday). Titip ibuku dan rumah sama pembantu, yah aku membiasakan nama -pembantu- ini terhadap anak2ku, karena semua tugas rumah tangga adalah di pundakku, dan tugas dia hanyalah bantu2 mama, helper, yg nolongin mama, bukan sebaliknya kaya rata2 pembantu di indo (nggak semuanya nih jangan kesinggung yah ibu2, gw nggak nyindir kok) yg sepertinya rendah derajat, semua pekerjaan ada di pundak pembantu nyonya tinggal nyuruh2. Anyway, we said good bye to my mom and apoligized to her because this time she couldn't go with us. Besides there was no any tickets available (lha yah dah habis tho, wong pesennya dari 4 bulan yg lalu), plus perjalannya nggak worth it at all. Why? because we went by air asia, so the flight only reaches until...I forgot the name of the place. Pokoknya in the middle of nowhere. After that we needed to continue by bus for 3 hours. Wah.. and still not finished. After waiting for some time (about one hour) we went on the ferry for another 2 hours. Then again another 45 minutes to the hotel by taxi. Oalah....... gombal beeng !!. Ngos2an nggak tuh. We left from our house at 7.30 am ( remember people.... the airport is near bkk) and arrived at the hotel about 5.30 pm. My husband said we supposed to be in Shanghai now. Hue...hue..hue... The hotel is really good. Hhmm... nice......, the kids took a rest in their room. They didn't want to have dinner outside. They had room service. After Farah slept, Dudi and me strolled the beach and had dinner at the restaurant. On Friday (the next day), we just spent the day at the hotel. Swam and played on the beach and in the pool. Taught my kids how to swim correctly. (I'm a preety good swimmer). Breakfast at the hotel, bought some burgers at Mc Donald then had dinner at the hotel. The dinner buffet was superb!!. Saturday was our last day in Koh Samui. Dudi decided to change the flight. Off course this is another additional expenses. Anyway it's worth it. We went on Bangkok Airways (one way). It is directly from Koh Samui to Pattaya and only need 1 hour. Yes, airport in Koh Samui is only for Bangkok Airways (boutique airport owned by bangkok airways). It surprised me, the airport is small and very simple. Even the floor is not tiled. But it's clean and they serve international destinations. When we went inside, wow! they have internet service (high speed) and small corner for snacks and drinks (again, they're free). We arrived at Sattahip-Pattaya Airport ( owned by Thai Navy). My mother picked us up. Hm...what a journey.