Sunday, March 11, 2007

The boys and the piano

These pictures below were taken when they had piano recital in their music academy. Small performance in front of the parents. To be honest they don't like to take piano lesson. But unfortunately their mother won't listen. So they go every saturday to the music academy. Hope someday they will understand its benefit.
I can play piano. I can read the notes. I didn't like to play piano. I learned piano from I was in elementary until high school. But you know... not so so good because on and off and I had to move a lot along with my parents (alasan...)
Maybe (hope) one of my kids have the talent like their oma -my mother-. She played piano very..good. Very talented. In 1950's her dutch teacher advised her parents (my grandpa) to send her to Europe to take more lesson. She almost left. But..the story was gone different. we are, the boys and the proud parents.
Hi Farah, do you want to join them now ?.